WGAC Scholarship Information

The West Georgia Auburn Club Charles D Hudson Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 2007.  This scholarship is named in honor of long time Auburn University supporter and local businessman Dr. Charles D. Hudson.  With support from many local Auburn University alumni, friends, and businesses along with support from various foundations, most importantly the Callaway Foundation, the program has provided many scholarships to Auburn University students from the Troup, Harris and Meriwether County area of West Central Georgia.  Each scholarship provides one-third of the student's Auburn University out of state tuition while Auburn University waives / matches one-third of the Auburn University out of state tuition cost for each recipient.  This in effect allows each individual who receives the scholarship to attend Auburn University at "in state" tuition levels.  The scholarship does not cover any cost pertaining to other fees, books, room and board, etc.  Each scholarship covers four years consecutive attendance at Auburn University and each new recipient (scholarship) is presented on an every other year cycle.  All recipients are determined by the General Scholarship Committee of Auburn University.


The West Georgia Auburn Club Charles D. Hudson Memorial Endowed Scholarship is considered the number one scholarship presented by all of the approximately one hundred Auburn Alumni Clubs in existence.  We are very proud of this accomplishment.