I am very excited to serve as the 2017 president of the West Georgia Auburn Club.  This club’s amazing reputation and achievements were formed by all those who came before me, and I will do my best to fill their shoes.  We continue to be the envy of many other Auburn Clubs throughout the country.  As we just recently saw at the 2017 leadership conference, the Auburn Alumni Association has recognized us again as having the largest endowed scholarship in the country.  Our club’s reputation was upheld by Dr. George Childress in 2016 as we were presented with some great recognition, but the most exciting news is that we are on the brink of reaching our goal of $1 Million for the Charles D. Hudson Memorial Scholarship!

Here are some exciting things we can look forward to this year:

As of January 2017, our scholarship balance is between $900 – $950,000.  Our goal is to bring that up to 1 million by May 17th.  When we reach that milestone, not only will our club’s endowment be self-sustaining, but we can seriously look at increasing the annual scholarship awards to an even more meaningful value and time frame.

In addition to our scholarship news, our board has been working diligently to line up some great events for 2017.  Our first annual softball camp was held in January, and more than 200 people attended to meet and fellowship with some of Auburn’s softball players while receiving expert instruction on game fundamentals as well as encouragement and motivation from some of the best around.

Our annual Spring Banquet and scholarship fundraiser was held on May 2nd at The Del’avant Event Center in downtown Lagrange and was catered by Mare Sol.  We hosted around 130 dinner guests.  Auburn Football’s new Offensive Coordinator, Chip Lindsey, was our guest speaker.  He did a wonderful job entertaining our guests and updating us on what is expected to come in the upcoming football season.  Other important guests that attended were Rev. Chette Williams, Auburn Football’s Chaplain, said the invocation.  Also, both the president of the Auburn Alumni Association, Beau Byrd, and vice president, Gretchen Van Valkenberg, attended the event and gave great speeches.  We raised some important funds through ticket sale, auction items, and donations.  These funds are putting us very close to our million dollar scholarship goal.

But these events are just the start to 2017, we will keep you updated as other exciting plans come together.

Remember, if you are as proud to be an Auburn Tiger as I am, don’t hesitate to ask me -or any of our board members- how you can serve the West Georgia Auburn Club.  Our club is not just about athletics or raising money, it is about bringing the Auburn Spirit to our hometown, and seeing that it continues to grow.  Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your president! I know this will be will be a special year, and I hope to see everyone at our events!

War Eagle,

Brian Kirby ‘07