In May of 2011 the West Georgia Auburn Club became a part of the Unity Program of the Auburn Alumni Association (AAA).

The program says that once you join the AAA you automatically become a member of the local club of your choosing. No paying dues twice.

The AAA dues are $50/year for a single membership, $65/year for a joint membership, $850 for a single lifetime membership and $1175 for a joint lifetime membership.

When you complete the AAA form it will ask you for a club code. Our club code is MUWGA. AAA will add you to our club membership automatically.

It is simple to join,go to the Auburn Alumni Association website, click on Auburn Clubs, on Membership Unity at this site you will find the membership application to join both AAA and the WGAC.

It great to be an Auburn Tiger but it’s also great to be a member of the West Georgia Auburn Club.

Join today.